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Fundamentals of Tarot Divination







Tarot cards have been used for centuries to display ancient symbols, and when properly interpreted they reveal the future. Tarot readers who study this psychic art are always in demand to provide readings for an eager public. It is natural to want to see beyond the veil that separates us from tomorrow. Tarot divination looks beyond that veil.

Edward Gordon’s Fundamentals of Tarot Divination provides the basics in tarot divination. When the student has finished this course, they will be able to provide competent and accurate tarot readings for themselves and the public, and they will be certified to do so.

The course is an inexpensive, pay-as-you-go, independent study, self-paced program; however each lesson includes one-on-one tutoring by Edward himself.


There are things a practitioner can never learn by just reading books on Tarot, and there are things their clients will never tell them about their performance. Independent study with tutoring is the key to tarot perfection.


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Lessons are only $5.95 each, Pay as you Go!

so contact me, and let's get you started!




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