1. No one under 18 can use this group.

2. This group does not discriminate on the basis of gender identity, race, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation, or adult age--nor do we tolerate such discrimination.

3. Any member may read for any other member.

4. No black readings. (e.g., "You have cancer and are going to die soon.").

5. No nudity (to include naked pregnant bellies), or offensive gestures (including sticking out your tongue).

6. No hostile posts, no dating request, no sexual harassment.

7. No spam.

8. Open-offer posts are not allowed. Pick one person at a time, who has a request, and do their reading.


a. Advertising is not allowed in this group except as follows:

b. A member may place a single link to their personal website, group, or forum, in a signature within their independently-posted readings. This will most likely generate an image of that website, and that's fine.

c. You may not place a link at the end of a reading you do in the comment section of someone else's post. The reading must be its own post in order to place a link.


a. Admin staff may pin an ad in the group once a day between the hours of 5 a.m. and 5 p.m. for 2 hours.

b. Pinned ads may be unpinned by any admin staff if they are more than 2 hours old or if a message must be pinned for the good of the group.

c. Admin staff may not "bump" their own unpinned ad.

d. If an admin staff member has two ads visible in the group at any time, the older ad should be deleted.

e. Moderators may request to pin an ad once per week for 12 hours between the hours of 5 p.m. and 5 a.m. Requests will be granted by the owner/admin via PM or in the Dark Hideaway Facebook group on a first come, first served basis. Unscheduled pinned ads will be unpinned at 5 p.m. Scheduled pinned ads will be unpinned at 5 a.m. or upon first discovery by an admin staff member.

f. Admin staff may post a link at the bottom of readings they do in the comments section of a post.

g. Non-compliance with these special advertising rules will result in temporary or permanent bans from this benefit.

h. It is not a violation to not unpin your own ad. Sometimes ads will be left because no one is present in the group to unpin them, and that is not a violation of these rules.

11. No member may solicit PM readings or offer to give PM readings inside the group. Nothing prevents members from PMing each other outside of the group, but "inside" the group you may not ask someone to PM you or offer to read for someone on the condition that they PM you.

12. You may not post a picture of another living person who is not a member of this group. [Exception: a parent may post the picture of a young child, toddler-age or less.] If you don't indicate a person has passed, it will be assumed they are living, and the post along with all its comments will be deleted.

13. No third-party readings. That means you can't ask for a reading for someone other than yourself--save for the child readings mentioned in rule 11.

14. Do not bomb another person's post with a reading request.

15. No requests for medical, psychological, financial, or legal advice. This includes posting pregnancy urine sticks.

16. No suicide threats or threats of self-harm.

17. No blocking an Administrator or Moderator.

18. You may bump your post once every 24 hours for a maximum of 3 bumps.

19. No revealing anyone else's personal real-world information (addresses, phone numbers, etc.).

20. No pictures of deceased bodies.

21. Moderators may delete, remove, ban, or block posts or members for other actions that disrupt the harmony, safety, positivity, or decency of the group.

22. Absolutely no Facebook Live videos except by Admin Staff members or by special permission of the admin/owner.


Thank you for taking the time to read these rules. Your exprience in FPR will be much better if you adhere to them.

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